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PCI-1800 / PCI-1802 Series

Gyors analog be- és kimeneti kártya
330KS/s 12bit high Performance Analog and Digital I/O Board


  • High speed data acquisition system
  • Process monitor and control.
  • Vibration analysis.
  • Digital pattern generator from digital I/O port


Functional Description

The PCI-1800 series is a family of high performance data acquisition boardfor PC with PCI bus. It features a continuous, 330KHz, gap-free data acquisition under DOS and Windows. The PCI-1800 family has the same architecture and has, two 12-bit D/A output channel, 16 digital input channels,16 digital output channels. The PCI-1800H, PCI-1800L provide 16 single-ended or 8 differential inputs. The PCI-1802H, PCI-1802L provide 32 single-ended or 16 differential inputs. The -H means high gain model and the -L means low gain model.  The scan function of PCI-1800 is so amazing. We call it  Magic Scan . The variable channel scan  function is found in some famous data acquisition board . Compare to Variable channel scan, the Magic Scan improve a lot function and meet the demand of high end user. The Magic Scan  mechanism not only scan the different input channels at vastly different rates, but also at different gain. Even in multi-channel scan, the sampling rates can maintain at 330KS/s. The PCI-1800 series also has some outstanding features, such as:
1. the data transfer rate of digital I/O is up to 5.4 M bytes
2. throughput of D/A is up to 2MHz throughput (max).
3. provides three flexible external trigger mode,
   such as post-trigger, pre-trigger, middle trigger.

4. support true "Plug & Play" under DOS and Windows .
5. on board FIFO


  • PCI bus
  • 12-bit 330KHz A/D converter
  • PCI-1800H,PCI-1800L ,16 single-ended/ 8 differential inputs, 1 K word FIFO    buffer
  • PCI-1802H,PCI-1802L -32 single-ended/ 16  differential inputs, 2K word FIFO buffer can be upgrade to 8K word
  • The sampling rates of single channel or multiple  channels is 330 K samples/s
  • Three different external trigger : post-trigger, pre-trigger, middle trigger
  • 16 digital input / 16 digital output channels
  • 1800L,1802L : programmable low gain: 0. 5, 1, 2, 4, 8.
  • 1800H ,1802H : programmable high gain:  0.5, 1,5, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000.
  • Internal / external trigger.
  • Two 12-bit independent programmable DAC.; 2 MHz throughput per channel (maxi)
  • 2.7 M word /high speed data transfer rate.
  • PCI-1800H,PCI-1800L can expand Channel by using DB-889D
  • PCI-1802H,PCI-1802L can expand Channel by using DB-889D and DB-1825
  • Half size board


Analog Input Specifications

  PCI-1802PGH/L  PCI-1800PGH/L 
Input channel 32 S.E./ 16 Diff 16 S.E. / 16 Diff
Resolution 12 bits 12 bits
Conversion rate L: 330K/s   H: 44K/s L: 330K/s  H:44 K/s
Input Impedance 10,000M Ohm // 6pf 10,000M Ohm // 6pf
Over voltage protation +/- 35V +/- 35V
Accuracy  0.01 % of reading , +/- 1 bit 0.01% of reading , +/- 1bit
On chip Sample & Hold Yes Yes

PCI-1800L,PCI-1802L Input Range

Gain Bipolar(V) Unipolar(V) Throughput
Gain  0.5 
Bipolar(V)  +/- 10  +/- 5  +/- 2.5  +/- 1.25  +/- 0.625 
Unipolar(V)    0~10  0~5  0~2.5  0~1.25 
Gain  0.5 / 1 
Throughput  330K/s  330K/s  330K/s  330K/s 
PCI-1800H ,1802H Input Range Gain Bipolar(V) Unipolar(V) Throughput
Gain  0.5  10  50  100  500  1000 
Bipolar(V)  +/-10  +/-5  +/-1   +/-0.5  +/-0.1  +/-.05  +/-.01  +/-.005 
Unipolar(V)    0~10    0~1    0~0.1    0~0.01 
Gain  0.5 / 1  5 / 10  50 /100  500/1000 
Throughput  44K/s  44K/s  10K/s   1K/s 

D/A Outputs Digital I/O
Channels 2
Type 12 bit Double Buffers
Linearity 0.06% FS
Settling time 0.4mS
Output Range -5V ~ +5V or  -10V~+10V
Output Driving +-5mA
Input 16 channel TTL levels
Output 16 channel TTL levels
Internal Pacer timer 16 bit , 8Mhz input
External Pacer timer 16 bit , 8Mhz input
Machine independent timer 16 bit , 8Mhz input

General Environmental Ordering Information
Power Requirements :      +5V  350mA(max) 
Operating temp                0-50*C 
Storage temp                   -20*C  to  70*C 
Humility                             0 to 90%  non-condensing 
Dimensions                       190 mm x 105 mm 
PCI-1800HU 44 KS/s High Gain 12-bit Analog and Digital I/O Board (1K word FIFO)
PCI-1800LU 330KS/s Low Gain 12-bit Analog and  Digital I/O Board ( 1K word FIFO)
PCI-1802HU High Channel ,44 KS/s High Gain 12-bit Analog and Digital I/O Board ( 2K word FIFO) 
PCI-1802LU High Channel , 330KS/s Low Gain 12-bit Analog and Digital I/O Board ( 8K word FIFO) 
DB-1825  Screw terminal board with bread area for filter circuitry added for the PCI-1802H, 1802L
DB-8225 Screw terminal board , filter circuitry can be added for PCI-1800H,1800L
DB-16P 16 Channel isolated digital input Board 
DB-16R 16 Channel SPDT relay board 
DN-37 Screw Terminal Bard for D-sub 37-pin connector


DLL and OCX for Windows 98/NT/2K and 32-bit Windows XP/2003/ Vista/7/8.