Software Support

The 8000 series can be used in two specific ways, either as a slave I/O unit driven by a standard SCADA package or user written appication, or alternatively as a user programmed autonomous I/O controller. 


Software operation as a slave. 

As a slave unit the 8000 obeys the same command set as the popular ICP 7000 I/O range.

Therefore any software that is available for 7000 will operate with 8000, once the 8000 has been configured using the I/O configuration utility. 

In addition the 8000 has available an OPC server which when installed on the host computer will provide the software link between the 8000 and any standard  SCADA package available with an OPC client. This includes all the major suppliers such Wonderware, Intellutions Fix etc. 

The Virtual Com driver supplied with the 8000 provides the means of re-directing the software commands from any standard package to the various communication interfaces available on the 8000. For example a serial based application could be re-directed to an Ethernet port on the host to communicate directly with an Ethernet version of the 8000.@


Simple to Program

The CPU modules of 8000 family is a AMD 80188/80186 series. User can use C language & standard PC software tools to compiler & link program. It is very similar to PC environment. So the user can develop his application very easy. 

There are about 100 demo program are provide for various application examples.The software driver for DOS, Linux and Windows are provided for easy development.The DLL/DDE/OCX/OPC drivers are ready for windows 95/98/2000 applications.