Easy of Installation

The ICPCON 8000 family can be either DIN-rail mounted or panel mounting.  Input signals can be connected to the unit with ease.  

  • Integrated display and control panel  

The main control unit of ICPCON 8000 family has an integrated control panel providing a Simple Man Machine Interface S-MMI) to the 8000 unit. The S-MMI includes a Five digit 7-SEG display, LED indicator and push buttons for selecting various configurations and modes of operation. The 7-seg display on S-MMI is used to show the status and values of the analog inputs.  (The status of the digital I/O is displayed on the front of the module)

  • Push Button Keys

There are four push buttons on the front panel. These are Up, Down, Mode, Set and are designed for general-purpose applications. They can be used to change the system configuration and the mode of operation.  

  • Front Panel LEDS  

The 3 LEDs, L1,L2,L3, are designed for general-purpose applications.  

  • User Memory and Data Storage

When the 8000 is used as an autonomous controller using an embedded application, various options of users memory and data storage can be chosen. Up to 32 Mbytes of data storage is available using flash ROM, in addition 512K bytes of battery backed up SRAM is available for data and or program storage. 

  • Embedded software protection

Great attention has been given to providing protection to embedded OEM application software. Each 8000 is supplied with a unique electronic serial number which can be checked by the application software. In addition an ASICkey can be installed in the unit. Each ASICkey  can be uniquely programed to provide a high degree of protection for illegal copying.@